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  • In order to apply for a new passport it is necessary to make an appointment at WWW.E-KONSULAT.GOV.PL website. In order to do so, you are required to know your PESEL number (it is a number usually written in a passport and it starts with the date of birth – YYMMDD and has 5 additional numbers).


    To make the appointment it is necessary to fill in the on-line registration form at




    1.   Visit the website.

    2.   Choose country and post: Great Britain, Manchester.

    3.   Choose section Visits.

    4.   Choose section Passport Matters.

    5.   Carefully read the rules for booking an appointment and visits to the consulate.

    6.   Book the appointment by choosing the number of persons applying for a passport and an available/suitable date.

    7.   Fill in the registration form by giving the details of a person for whom the application will be made.

    8.   Download the confirmation of the visit and print it out. You need to present the confirmation at the consulate on the day of the appointment.




    If you wish to cancel or re-schedule the appointment you must cancel the existing appointment.

    1.   Visit the website.

    2.   Choose section Visits.

    3.   Choose section Cancel the appointment (Odwołaj umówioną wizytę).

    4.   Enter the registration form number followed by code given with the appointment confirmation.

    5.   Cancel the visit (Odwołaj wizytę).




    1.   It is only possible to book one appointment. New appointments can be booked after cancelling the existing one or after the booked date has already passed.

    2.   When filling out the registration form it is necessary to give the correct personal and contact details. This guarantees receiving an e-mail with the appointment confirmation. Entering incorrect details  will cause refusal of application at the day of the appointment.

    3.   When filling out the registration form it is necessary to give the details of person for whom the application is being made. If the passport application is made for a child then the child’s details should be entered (not the parents).

    4.   It is necessary to bring confirmation of the appointment to the consulate and present it at the reception desk of the building.

    5.   Time of the appointment is approximate and guarantees service after the set hour.

    6.   At the consulate you need to fill out a passport form. Take a ticket from the machine situated on the left hand side wall when you are ready. Customers will be called forward in order.

    7.   By booking the appointment you confirm that you have read and understood rules regarding passport.


    If you are not sure whether you have the PESEL number, we are able to check it but we require following details:

    • your name and surname,
    • your date and place of birth,
    • names and surnames of your parents.


    We would be grateful if you could also provide us with your Polish documents such as:

    • the Polish birth certificate,
    • the Polish marriage certificate,
    • your expired passport.