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  • 9 March 2017

    At the beginning of 2017 Witold Pilecki Center of Research on Totalitarisms launched the long-awaited English language version of the Chronicles of Terror website. Known in Polish as Zapisy Terroru, the website was hitherto available only in the Polish language and now allows also the English-speaking visitors to follow testimonies and depositions of those who experienced the immense cruelty of the Soviet communism and German Nazi totalitarian systems.

    Chronicles of Terror are one of the largest collections of civilian testimonies from Nazi-occupied Europe. As the first online project of that kind, the website is aimed at gathering and publishing all previously scattered (and long locked in archives) testimonies of untold misery of civilians who fell prey to Soviet and Nazi cruelties on the occupied Polish soil.



    There are around 1000 testimonies published by now, 700 of which have already been translated into English. Importantly, these are all eyewitness accounts of Polish citizens who testified before the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland after World War II. They recount the trauma of people who lived in the occupied Warsaw, describe street executions and round-ups of civilians, address misery of those trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto, brutal massacre of the Polish intelligentsia and the slaughter of the Wola district inhabitants in Warsaw in 1944. Chronicles of Terror will also soon present accounts of those who found themselves under the Soviet occupation and were exiled – mainly to Siberia – between 1939 and 1941 as well as those who returned with the Army of General Anders. The collections of the Chronicles of Terror are not limited to oral accounts, they involve also private photographs, documents, letters, written memories and other memorabilia.


    The main goals behind the Chronicles of Terror are didactic in nature – to promote the knowledge of the German Nazi occupation and keep reviving the memory of the victims. It is the first project which allows online access to whole collections of testimonies and so helps visitors see these dramatic events from the angle of individual accounts and individual tragedies. Chronicles of Terror are also meant to strengthen international sensitivity and raise awareness of the Polish traumatic experiences of the 20th century totalitarian systems.



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